Saturday, February 21, 2009

spring, where are you?

today is one of those gray, cold, windy days that makes me want to pack up everything and move to another state that is sunshiney and warm
crappy weather + 3 children with spring fever + 1 irritable momma = disaster!
this is definitely one of those days where i wish i had a nice little craft room all my own to go and hideout in
somewhere i won't be bothered or have to listen to the sound effects that the boys are constantly making
somewhere that there aren't any broken toys or lego pieces to step on...
in my house, such a place does not exist except in my mind and on days like today even my mind becomes cloudy and gray and it is difficult for me to even crawl to my happy place that exists as only a daydream
i'm sure there are truly wonderful, organized moms out there who have oodles of things for their kids to do on a day like today...i am not one of those moms
i have found that if i growl and grump enough my kids generally get the hint and leave the momma bear alone, even if only for awhile
my crafting table is overflowing with half finished projects and my storage drawers are overflowing with supplies but yet i sit

Monday, February 2, 2009

i heart faces- pet entry

when i saw that i heart faces was having a pet contest this week I knew I wanted to enter our dog

he is a 3 year old german shepherd named jaegar

isn't he cute