Friday, September 4, 2009

the house is here!

it has been a long time since i posted on here...
so many crazy exciting things going on right now
one of which is the fact that the house came this past wednesday
it was so unbelievably cool watching them crane it up and over our trailer and put the pieces together on the basement
i took a ton of pics but i'm not sure you accurately get just how amazing it was just from seeing the pics
we still don't have a move in date
my mil's guess is mid-october
i was hoping for sooner than that but i'll take it
i know it will be so worth all the waiting
if only i was a little better at waiting
so here are some pics
will hopefully have some of the inside soon
and will try to get a better front view pic of the house
its hard with the trailer still in front of it








Wednesday, July 1, 2009

waiting and wondering

well, here it is
july 1st
the day my house was scheduled to arrive
and what do i have?
not a basement
not even a hole for a basement
i am discouraged
pissed off
and a whole list of other things
instead we have more paperwork
more waiting
in truth there has been not much good news lately
and that is why i haven't updated sooner
it is just too depressing to come on here and put it in black in white that my house isn't here
and i have no idea when it will be
i was so excited to think that we would be able to have Austin's bday party at our house for a change
but now,
who knows
i am trying to be patient
but it is truly not one of my virtues
thanks for being a sounding board for me to whine about the ups and downs of this adventure
i *heart* my bloggy friends!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

amazing God...

ok, so this post has nothing to do with the house
but, while i was checking out my friend Ben's blog i was uplifted listening to a song that he had on there that just happens to be one of my favorite worship songs
and i thought it would be the perfect time to share with you my very favorite worship song...
Indescribable by Chris Tomlin

i hope that you enjoy it and that it inspires you on this beautiful day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

the building has moved

so, the building behind us is all moved to its new resting spot
even though its not very pretty, it is still alot better looking than my fil's ugly garage and now the building is somewhat blocking our view of the garage
hubby has promised me that we will plant trees to cover up the rest
anyhow,if you have never seen a whole building being moved is pretty cool
it sure is a long slow process though
so here is the moving of the building in pics
building on beams
this is a pic of it up on the giant steel beams
building slid off foundation
this is the back of the building after they slid it off of the foundation
whats left of foundation
this is whats left of the foundation
building slid off foundation 2
this is the front of the building after being slid off the foundation
building in the driveway
here it is in our driveway
just starting up the hill
starting up the hill
up a bit more
up the hill just a bit
in the middle of the hill
in the middle of our yard
heading to the new spot
almost to its new spot
halfway there
halfway across the new spot
and oops! i accidentally deleted the pic of it in its new spot
i will take a new one tomorrow and add it here
we heard they are supposed to come do the basement sometime in june
now hubby has to work on tearing down the old foundation

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more trees...and Austin's boo-boo

this past weekend we lost 2 maple trees...a sugar maple and a silver maple
the kids and i were so sad to see them go
i know we will plant some more but it is sad to think about how many years it will take before they will be big and beautiful
here is what they looked like...too bad they weren't all leafy so you could see just how pretty they were
here is the sugar maple after it was cut down
matt, cutting down the big silver maple
Cutting down the Silver Maple
if you click on that pic and make it bigger you can actually see the spray of woodchips from the chain saw...pretty cool i thought :)
and here is a pic of the kiddos standing on the stump of the silver maple
Kids standing on the Silver Maple stump
also, here is the short version of Austin's boo-boo...he had a "run in"~pun intended~with a metal door and we ended up in the er
he is now the proud owner of 3 staples in his head...until friday when they will be about a conversation piece, lol
here is a pic, sorry it is was really hard to get a good pic of them
Austin's 3 staples-April 18, 2009
also, just had to include this silly pic of Mady wearing some kind of goggle things that belong to one of the boys
Mady in goggles
what a silly girl!

so this sunday they are moving the building and they are actually here right now working and getting things ready...think i need to go out and snap a few pics
also we found out the house is due to be delivered july 1st~ woohoo!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

bulldozers and dirt

so behind our trailer sits a wood building that my fil uses for extra storage
the problem is...
said building is sitting right where my house is going, soooooo
it has got to go
now, really, i was hoping they were just going to tear it down
unfortunately they had other plans
they are going to move it so it is behind my fil's garage/workshop
which basically means it will be in my front yard
whatever....thank goodness we plan to cover it up with pine trees :)
so yesterday they had the bulldozer out to make a flat spot in which to set the building
it was definitely not as exciting to watch as i thought it would be
and now we have a giant pile of dirt
that the kids think was put there just for them
and today it is raining
so really, we have a giant pile of mud
have i said before how much i hate mud?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

house color choices

here they are as promised
and let me start by saying, the pic of the linoleum is is really very pretty in person, hopefully when it is actually in the house i will be able to get a better shot of it
also, we decided to do the same color carpet & linoleum throughout the whole house for a couple reasons
1. they charge you an extra $80 for each room that you choose a different color of flooring
2. they did not have a huge selection of colors ie. no pink to choose for Mady's room, lol
eventually we will be changing most if not all of the linoleum to tile, which Matt wants to do himself
i love ceramic tile, but am in no hurry for it yet...Austin is 12, Cody is 9 and Mady is 3...need i say more??
we are planning to do the kitchen in a tuscan style
but as for the rest of the house...i am clueless!
im thinking about chocolate brown and aqua or turquoise for our bedroom and bathroom with a little bit of pink thrown in just because
and Mady has been begging for a pink room since she learned what that color was, lol~for those of you who don't know, her room now is done in mint green & yellow because she kept us in suspense until the day she was born :)
im not sure what we will do in the boys room...Cody likes navy blue and green and Austin likes red and black...any good ideas on how to combine those into one room??
hopefully in a few years we will get a bedroom done for Austin in the basement but until then they will be sharing a room still
i have no ideas for the living room
if you know of any great sites for decorating ideas please leave them for me in the comment section!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

excited and scared...

after 12+ yrs of living in our cramped trailer with only 980 sq ft of space we are finally going to be building a house!!
i am so excited i think i could burst!
soon we will have over 1800 sq ft of living a full(walkout) basement...can you say *CRAFT ROOM* for tiff!!
oh yeah and a toy room for the kids
but let's be serious
the craft room for me is definitely more exciting, lol
i plan on posting updates throughout the process so you can share in the excitement with me
sooo....let me get you caught up to where we are right now
loan is approved
papers are signed
and yesterday we had the fun?? job of picking out countertops, flooring, siding, etc
here is a link to what our house will look like
for those of you unfamiliar with modular homes, click here to find an explanation from wikipedia
we will be in it sooner *hopefully* :) than we would if it was stick built
i have to say, it is going to be pretty amazing to see them trucking in the giant sections of our house on big trucks and setting them in place with a crane
i will make sure to post pics of course
tomorrow i will share pics of our color choices...because yes i am the big dork who took her camera with her and photographed them, lol

Monday, March 30, 2009

perfect timing

there is a lot going on in my life right now
some things will be shared soon, others will be shared later, some things will stay unknown to all but me and God
this morning while blog hopping i checked out my favorite doodler, Rick over at Organized Doodles
i always love seeing his work and today's doodle was one of those doodles that literally jumped off the screen at me
it was a scripture doodle
and funnily enough it is a verse that my kids just recently learned at wednesday night kid's club
here is the post
and thanks to Rick's Copy and Share if you Dare...i have done just that!
thanks Rick!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

spring, where are you?

today is one of those gray, cold, windy days that makes me want to pack up everything and move to another state that is sunshiney and warm
crappy weather + 3 children with spring fever + 1 irritable momma = disaster!
this is definitely one of those days where i wish i had a nice little craft room all my own to go and hideout in
somewhere i won't be bothered or have to listen to the sound effects that the boys are constantly making
somewhere that there aren't any broken toys or lego pieces to step on...
in my house, such a place does not exist except in my mind and on days like today even my mind becomes cloudy and gray and it is difficult for me to even crawl to my happy place that exists as only a daydream
i'm sure there are truly wonderful, organized moms out there who have oodles of things for their kids to do on a day like today...i am not one of those moms
i have found that if i growl and grump enough my kids generally get the hint and leave the momma bear alone, even if only for awhile
my crafting table is overflowing with half finished projects and my storage drawers are overflowing with supplies but yet i sit

Monday, February 2, 2009

i heart faces- pet entry

when i saw that i heart faces was having a pet contest this week I knew I wanted to enter our dog

he is a 3 year old german shepherd named jaegar

isn't he cute

Saturday, January 17, 2009

it's snow fun in ohio

before the weather turned super cold the kids were able to log in sufficient snow time for about 3 days in a row
so, i thought i'd share some of the pics i took...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

cleaning, reorganizing, and new year's resolutions

3 things i deeply despise...
oh, don't get me wrong
i love them in theory
just don't love doing them
never have
in fact when i was a kid i use to pay my little sis to clean my room for me
to me it was well worth giving up my birthday or babysitting money
just so i didn't have to do it
so thanks sha-sha, for keeping me from being grounded for having a messy room
and one more thing...are you available this week?
i've got some christmas money i can pay you with!