Tuesday, April 7, 2009

house color choices

here they are as promised
and let me start by saying, the pic of the linoleum is is really very pretty in person, hopefully when it is actually in the house i will be able to get a better shot of it
also, we decided to do the same color carpet & linoleum throughout the whole house for a couple reasons
1. they charge you an extra $80 for each room that you choose a different color of flooring
2. they did not have a huge selection of colors ie. no pink to choose for Mady's room, lol
eventually we will be changing most if not all of the linoleum to tile, which Matt wants to do himself
i love ceramic tile, but am in no hurry for it yet...Austin is 12, Cody is 9 and Mady is 3...need i say more??
we are planning to do the kitchen in a tuscan style
but as for the rest of the house...i am clueless!
im thinking about chocolate brown and aqua or turquoise for our bedroom and bathroom with a little bit of pink thrown in just because
and Mady has been begging for a pink room since she learned what that color was, lol~for those of you who don't know, her room now is done in mint green & yellow because she kept us in suspense until the day she was born :)
im not sure what we will do in the boys room...Cody likes navy blue and green and Austin likes red and black...any good ideas on how to combine those into one room??
hopefully in a few years we will get a bedroom done for Austin in the basement but until then they will be sharing a room still
i have no ideas for the living room
if you know of any great sites for decorating ideas please leave them for me in the comment section!!