Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more trees...and Austin's boo-boo

this past weekend we lost 2 maple trees...a sugar maple and a silver maple
the kids and i were so sad to see them go
i know we will plant some more but it is sad to think about how many years it will take before they will be big and beautiful
here is what they looked like...too bad they weren't all leafy so you could see just how pretty they were
here is the sugar maple after it was cut down
matt, cutting down the big silver maple
Cutting down the Silver Maple
if you click on that pic and make it bigger you can actually see the spray of woodchips from the chain saw...pretty cool i thought :)
and here is a pic of the kiddos standing on the stump of the silver maple
Kids standing on the Silver Maple stump
also, here is the short version of Austin's boo-boo...he had a "run in"~pun intended~with a metal door and we ended up in the er
he is now the proud owner of 3 staples in his head...until friday when they will be about a conversation piece, lol
here is a pic, sorry it is was really hard to get a good pic of them
Austin's 3 staples-April 18, 2009
also, just had to include this silly pic of Mady wearing some kind of goggle things that belong to one of the boys
Mady in goggles
what a silly girl!

so this sunday they are moving the building and they are actually here right now working and getting things ready...think i need to go out and snap a few pics
also we found out the house is due to be delivered july 1st~ woohoo!!!