Saturday, May 9, 2009

the building has moved

so, the building behind us is all moved to its new resting spot
even though its not very pretty, it is still alot better looking than my fil's ugly garage and now the building is somewhat blocking our view of the garage
hubby has promised me that we will plant trees to cover up the rest
anyhow,if you have never seen a whole building being moved is pretty cool
it sure is a long slow process though
so here is the moving of the building in pics
building on beams
this is a pic of it up on the giant steel beams
building slid off foundation
this is the back of the building after they slid it off of the foundation
whats left of foundation
this is whats left of the foundation
building slid off foundation 2
this is the front of the building after being slid off the foundation
building in the driveway
here it is in our driveway
just starting up the hill
starting up the hill
up a bit more
up the hill just a bit
in the middle of the hill
in the middle of our yard
heading to the new spot
almost to its new spot
halfway there
halfway across the new spot
and oops! i accidentally deleted the pic of it in its new spot
i will take a new one tomorrow and add it here
we heard they are supposed to come do the basement sometime in june
now hubby has to work on tearing down the old foundation


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